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Last updated July 26, 2008

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2 CD Version! Holidays give you the chance to really cash in on eBay. People will spend a lot more money during the holidays than any other time of year. If you use the tips and techniques you will learn from this program you will double the amount of money most eBayers make. You will also learn how to capitalize on the buying frenzy! What days you never want an eBay auction to end on and much more! Full money back guarantee with all of our programs!

For only $16.95 for the 2 disc CD version also avaiable for digital download for $12.95     

More detailed information on Fast Cash for the Holidays!     

Disc 1 Covers:

The holiday season is the best way to make a lot of money on eBay

How to capitalize on the buying frenzy!

What you need to know about holiday selling!

How to sell a ton during the holidays!

How to drive internet traffic to your website!

What is back dooring and how can I make it work for me!

Back dooring your way to success.

The Best time to end an auction.

What days of the week will make you the most amount of money?

What days you never want an eBay auction to end on!

Best months to make money at eBay.

The worst months to list items for sale on eBay.

Why an eBay store can make you lots of money.

Backend your customers to your other websites for more sales.

The biggest mistake people make on eBay.

What all Power Sellers have learned!

3 simple things that work every time on listing an item for sale.

Words that will increase your final price.

How to pick the right category every time!

Key words to use in description:

Rare, unique, one-of-kind, close out, special price, limited time

Other tips: Proof read your grammar, spelling; include your selling policies, shipping terms, payment terms, refund policy

Check your spelling. Your item will get you no bids and somebody will come off with a great product for no money for them and you loose out big time.

Disc 2 Covers:

How to find new products to sell on eBay

How to lighten your work load and make more money

The best to way to sell products on eBay

The 8 Golden Rules of eBay!

1. A picture is worth 1000 words.

2. Do your research about what you’re going to sell.

3. Learn everything about shipping. Shipping and fees are the biggest money hogs that you will deal with.

4. Writing your eBay listing is as important as the picture.

 5. Take all kinds of payments, paypal, checks, money orders.

6. eBay feedback = Act as if your life depends on your feedback, because it does.

7. Don’t forget that the world shops at eBay. Did I say world!

 8. Act like a business: offer great customer service.

Buying and selling the way to win ever time!

You will learn the 5 Best eBay secrets for cutting your listing fees

Cutting your listing fees=Success on eBay

Organize yourself for eBay success!

Please email us with any questions that you might have at

All of our programs come with a full money back guarantee!

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