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Last updated July 26, 2008

If you want to make money online with eBay, consider opening an eBay Store ( According to a 2005 eBay survey, 75% of store sellers experienced an increase in sales after opening an eBay Store!

Here's how it works. You pay a monthly fee to "rent" your own dedicated web space on eBay -- so the focus is on YOU and your products. Organize all your items into searchable categories. And watch your sales flood in. Ca-ching!

You don't have to be a PowerSeller or be super-advanced to open a store, either. To qualify, all you need is a feedback score of 20, OR be ID verified (, OR just have a PayPal account in good standing.

Here are some quick tips on how to make money online with eBay stores: Display and organize all your items in one place. Customers can browse through all your listings without being distracted by your competitors' listings... which translates to more sales!

Get a unique URL so you can promote your store on and OFF eBay.

Personalize your web space with your own logo and store name.

List your items for 30 days at a time for one low insertion price.

Get free sales and traffic reports so you can fine-tune your sales process.

Send email promotions to newsletter subscribers or people who marked you as a favorite seller.

Subscribe to Selling Manager Pro and automate many of the repetitive tasks that take up so much time.

There are three levels of eBay stores, each offering more opportunities for personalization. If you're just getting started, the basic level (at $15.95) per month is probably all you'll need.

One drawback to owning a store is that your inventory items don't show up in the regular listings unless there are fewer than 30 regular listings for that item. So you need to keep listing using the auction or fixed-price format to attract traffic to your store.

Nonetheless, eBay Stores are probably the best way to get exposure on eBay and gain valuable repeat customers.

Of course, opening an eBay Store is just one way you can increase your sales and make money online with eBay. If you'd like to learn ALL the top tips on how to make money online with eBay -- using the same strategies PowerSellers are using to earn MILLIONS of dollars per year with their eBay businesses -- check out our proven 6-step eBay selling system...

To find out how you can start an eBay store-- and put this proven system to work for you TODAY -- check out "The Ultimate Guide for Buying & Selling on eBay 15CD's"